Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mega signing 9/15 at 6 North! Children's book party

Join these children's authors between 10 a.m. and noon, Sept. 15, and help celebrate one year of book signings at:

6 North Café
14438 Clayton Road
Ballwin, MO 63011

Chris Stuckenschneider
Twist of Fate:
The Miracle Colt and His Friends

Opal Campbell
The Puppy Book
The Kitten Book

Shelly Lee Gossett
For the Love of Pickle Juice

Joanne Granna
The Busy World of Bianca Bear
Susan Grigsby
First Peas to the Table
In The Garden With Dr. Carver
Wisteria's Show & Tell Spectacular: Older than the Dinosaurs

Tim Hill
Joe the Crab Takes a Walk
Joe the Crab Hunts for Shells

Kathy Trau & Alphabetty
Alphabetty and her
Alphabet Adventure, Book 1

Bill Tyler
Who Let the Mongoose Loose?
The Little Wolf Cub's Christmas Gift

Jen Wallis
Adventures with Scarlet the Dolphin:
Green Sea Turtles
Adventures with Scarlet the Dolphin:
California Sea Lions

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