Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blank Slate Press Re-Opens to Submissions and is Growing!

Blank Slate Press Re-Opens to Submissions and is Growing!
By Brad R. Cook

First the Big News – Blank Slate Press is re-opening to submissions!

Okay now the real news; I have joined the team at BSP!

That’s right I’m an author and publisher! Exciting!

As a partner in Blank Slate Press, I will lead the team in Marketing, Author Management, and Acquisitions.

Blank Slate Press was founded in 2010 by Kristina Makansi to discover, nurture, publish and promote emerging writers. Many of the titles they’ve released have won awards. BSP is an adventure in the future of publishing. It truly is writers publishing writers! Because we are so small (i.e., micro, nano, itty bitty), we can only publish a limited number of books per year. In doing so we can maintain the quality of each book and the attention we give to each author. 

Fiction Submission Guidelines
The Blank Slate Press imprint is genre-blind but with a literary sensibility. We accept adult and young adult genre fiction and literary fiction submissions, and we are looking to publish a few non-fiction titles. The bottom line is great writing, intriguing characters, and a little extra something to stand out in the crowd–even for non-fiction. BSP seeks excellent writers who are committed to and excited about marketing their book, fostering their author presence online and off, and building a community of readers. You do not need to have an agent to submit your work.

So, to repeat: We consider all genres and literary works for adult, young adult and middle grade, but the writing must have what we call a “literary sensibility.” In other words, we love genre fiction, but we’re not just looking for good storytelling. We’re also looking for writing that is insightful and moving, and that will stay with the reader long after the book is closed or the device turned off. Note: we do not publish poetry.

We believe in top quality novels with a literary mindset. That isn’t changing, what is, the number of books we produce in a year!

As for me, I’ll always be looking for great stories with deep complex characters and strong voices. I’m on the eternal hunt for books that make me think, wrench my emotions, and define my life… basically books that move me.

So do you have a great story, a strong voice, top notch writing, and a new twist on the genre? Then BSP may be the right publisher for your hard work!

Blank Slate Press is a traditional publisher. For submission guidelines and what BSP is looking for please visit 

I’m really excited to help writers reach their lifelong goals!

Brad R. Cook, author, publisher at Blank Slate Press, and President of St. Louis Writers Guild. Please visit or for more information. Follow me on Twitter @bradrcook, @blankslatepress, @stlwritersguild, or my tumblr page Thoughts from Midnight 

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