Monday, October 3, 2011

Win a Copy of 'The Ways of Khrem' and 'The Fundamentals of Worldbuilding' ebooks!

It’s always wonderful to share treasures with others and today I have two e-books from Amazon that I’m offering to one lucky winner; The Ways of Khrem by D. Nathan Hilliard and The Fundamentals of World Building by Jesse Verinno. To be eligible for the contest simply leave a comment or comments on The Writers Lens Blog between October 3rd, and midnight October 8, 2011. The more comments that you leave, the greater YOUR chance will be of winning the contest. The winner will be chosen after midnight on Saturday and the announcement made on Sunday, October 9th. If Blogger isn’t working, then you can email me personally with your comment and I’ll add it to the Blog. Email to:

The author who writes Science Fiction or Fantasy does more than just create compelling characters and a page turning plot – they create a whole society. In my opinion, these two genres are the most difficult to write because of the thought and planning required.

Which is why for my first contest, I’m giving away two Amazon ebooks; The Ways of Khrem by D. Nathan Hilliard published by Pill Hill Press and The Fundamentals of World Building by Jessie Verino, published by L&L Dreamspell. Both of these books are listed on my “Books I Love” website page at and both books can be appreciated and enjoyed by both experienced writers as well as new writers.

Product Description for The Ways of Khrem by D. Nathan Hilliard

The Ways of Khrem, D. Nathan Hilliard's three part novel features: The Reach of Talanturos, The Cistern, & The Ghost of Candlewalk Lane. Cargill the Bookseller lives a quiet life, in a modest house, overlooking the vast city of Khrem...a magical metropolis of cavernous streets, lofty spires, and dark secrets. His life is turned upside down when Captain Wilhelm Drayton of the City Watch arrives at Cargill's doorstep and confronts him with his criminal past. Cargill is required to assist the Captain in solving mysteries and the action soon explodes when he unmasks a horrific killer stalking the rooftops. Soon he finds himself forced to throw the rules out the window and bring all of his old skills to bear as he finds himself at odds with gods, monsters, and psychopaths alike.”

Click for additional information on  The Ways of Khrem

Product Description for The Fundamentals of World Building by Jesse Verino

“World building involves more than elaborate settings, more than magic and magical beings, and more than paranormal happenings. Speculative fiction is a fast growing market, and world building is an essential tool for creating successful stories where the reader can suspend disbelief. Fundamentals of World Building gives writers the proper tools to craft a well written manuscript, rich with details, by guiding them through steps for choosing the right world elements to include in their story. Use a simple blueprint method to lay the foundation, then complete the story. Beginning writers in the genre can learn to identify potential pitfalls. More complex concepts are included for intermediate to advance level authors. Use the extensive worksheet and get started world building today!”

Click here for additional information on The Fundamentals of World Building

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  1. I was scheduled to take a WriterU class on World Building but it was canceled (crazy book fair got in the way, *giggle*)
    So this book on world building sounds awesome.

  2. These both look like books that need a home in my library! Thanks for introducing me to them, Diana.

  3. Ansha,

    The Fundamentals of World Building is a good, solid foundation. I'm glad I have it.

  4. T.W.,

    I really like both these books. If I ruled the world, 'The Ways of Khrem' would be considered a classic. And, if you know the fundamentals of world building - even if you don't write in that genre - you'll have a greater appreciation for the work.

  5. What fabulous books! Thank you for this wonderful contest for writers.

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  7. Hello! I'd like to throw my name in the hat.

  8. Cornelia! Hi!!!

    These really ARE good books!!!

  9. Hi Krista!!

    Absolutely, we'll put your name in the hat!!!

    Good luck to you!!

  10. I just wanted to stop by and thank Diana for her nice words and for offering a copy of Fundamentals. Good Luck to everyone who commented!

  11. Hi Jessie!

    Whoever wins a copy of The Fundamentals of World Building is in for a real treat!