Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Writer's Twitter Chats and How to Join

A number of months ago a group of like minded middle grade writers decided, after frequenting YA and kidlit chats on twitter, that we needed our own middle grade literary chat.  And so #mglitchat was born.

The originators of the chat usually select a time appropriate for the group.  #MGlitchat chose 9pm est on Thursdays to avoid competing with similar chats for writers; young adult genre #yalitchat 9pm est on Wednesday, and picture book genre #kidlitchat at 9pm on Tuesdays.  The group also created a blog as an information point for transcripts and future topics,

If you have never attended a twitter chat, I highly recommend them.  It's a great place to exchange ideas and information with fellow writers and readers. Recent topics on #mglitchat include, SF in MG, Technology in MG, Violence in MG, and Compelling Villains. This Thursday we'll discuss Religion in middle grade fiction.

Some pointers:
*     use twitter apps to follow along during the chat time.  Tweetdeck and are two of the most popular. 
*     Always use the #mglitchat (or whatever the chat's hashtag is) after each of your comments, that way it is seen by those in the chat. 
*     Enjoy sharing your own ideas and information with fellow writers or illustrators and HAVE FUN! 

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  1. I'm still getting acquainted with twitter chats, and find them most intriguing. Love the topics on #mglitchat!