Friday, April 19, 2013

From the Crime Writer’s Library—The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

Regardless if you are researching a Federal agent or a local cop, if you are writing about crime and you have a law enforcement character you should be reading the FBI’s Law Enforcement Bulletin.  This free government publication has run since 1935 with the mission of providing current information and current issues on law enforcement and policing research. The publication began in 1932 as a fugitive write-up and transformed quickly into an expert written and peer reviewed magazine addressing various issues of law enforcement, including:

                * Facing an controlling the stress on the law enforcement job
                * Interview and interrogation techniques
                * The latest in smuggling techniques
                * Unusual weapons
                * Community Policing
                * Scientific advancements in law enforcement.
                * Looks at specific crimes, such as:
                                * Drugs
                                * Homicide
                                * School Violence
                                * Hostage Situations
                                * Hate Crimes

This list is far from exhaustive. If you have crime in your writing, you should be reading this publication.The magazine is available in PDF and updated every month. Electronic archives are available (as of when this is posted) the current month back to 1999. You can access this incredible resource from the world’s leading authority on crime at

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