Monday, March 17, 2014

Brown Bagging Books: Are you judged by what you read?

Brown Bagging Books: Are you judged by what you read?

The Write Pack Radio Show Rebroadcast

The Write Pack was howling about the stigma of some books, how about you, do you feel judged by the guilty pleasures you read?

The latest episode of The Write Pack Radio
Brown Bagging Books: Are You Judged By What You Read

Have you ever had to hide what you read? Have you ever not read a book or a series because others have told you that it is wrong, evil, or other derogatory term ? Have you ever been turned down for a date, lost a friend, kicked out of a group, because you choose to read something they thought you shouldn't? Why do we have banned books? Inspired by a situation where a girl turned down a guy for reading the Hunger Games and Twilight, The Write Pack dives into the question—Are we judged by what we read and do we hide it? 

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