Thursday, March 13, 2014

Write Pack Radio

Write Pack Radio

The Write Pack is back and you can find us howling about the written word every week! 

There are many talks on the internet about writing, but nothing like Write Pack Radio. Write Pack Radio brings Pop Culture, Writing, and Publishing together and throws them into a crucible of humor, clarity, and passion.

Every Sunday at 3pm CST, Write Pack Radio brings you a new topic and a lively discussion of issues facing every writer or anyone navigating the tumultuous waters of the publishing industry.

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Episode 1 – Amusing the Muse

What is the muse? Why does it drive us so crazy? Is it something inside of us or, as the ancient Greeks thought, something external? The Write Pack explores what the muse inspires and how it drives us nuts. Write Pack Radio‘s first episode airs on 3/2, with the Pack exploring that crazy thing we call a muse. What the heck is this drive, this arrogance, this urge to create art with the belief that others will want it? Why does it drive some to success and others to self-destruction? The Write Pack explores … 

Episode 2 – Traditional vs. Self vs. Hybrid Publishing – Part 1

The question every writer faces in the modern world of publishing is if they should choose to try to be traditionally published, self-published or a hybrid. It is not an easy decision and can shape your career as a writer. This debate, which has raged and simmered for years, has been fanned into an inferno of dueling blogs around the question: Has the publishing world now been divided into a “caste system.” Follow along as the Write Pack feels their way through this maze. The following blog posts are for reference.

The blog that fanned the flames:

Author Earnings Data Supports DBW Findings | Digital Book World: 

The 50k Report – Author Earnings: 

(Note you need a subscription to the magazine to see this—-so if you don’t have one, check out your local library. Many subscribe to Publishers Weekly) 

Lead by David Alan Lucas and Kathleen Kayembe, 
The Write Pack Radio Show includes Fedora Amis, Jennifer Stolzer, Matthew McGraw, Jamie Krakover, Peter Green, T.W. Fendley, Melanie Koleini, and Brad R. Cook. 

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