Monday, March 5, 2012

Get some advice on your Elevator Pitch!

It’s a Log Line Giveaway!

Today’s Monday Giveaway here on The Writers’ Lens is a little different.

In conjunction with Friday’s post about pitching, and my Wednesday post (teaser alert!) I want to help get you ready for the MWG Conference in April or any Writers Conference you might attend in the future.

I’m going to help one lucky winner with their 25 word Elevator Pitch!

I understand how tough it can be to take several well-worded paragraphs and cut them into a sentence that still retains the essence of your novel. It’s a struggle that can gray hair, cause baldness (from ripping it out), and has been known to bring on fits of madness. So let a fresh set of eyes take a look.

The best part is you won’t just get one Log Line, you’ll get two. I’ll send you my thoughts on your Elevator Pitch but also my thoughts on your quick Log Line. The Log Line is one of those pitches that has nothing to do with your book, but perfectly describes it. You hear them all the time in Hollywood and usually consist of “Its Movie A meets Movie B.” They might sound funny, but it really is a great way to convey your novel in the least amount of words possible, not to mention that the industry uses them like crazy.

The rules are the same – each comment made enters you for a chance to win, and you’ll have until Saturday Night, March 10, at midnight to comment.

The winner will be chosen on Sunday, March 11, and I’ll send an email asking for their query letter or two to three paragraphs talking about the book. Note: I am not an expert and this is no guarantee of successfully pitching – I’m just trying to help a writer out.

Good luck with your pitches!

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