Sunday, March 4, 2012

The winner of An Advance Reader’s Edition of A Lonely Death

For the first time on this blog or mine (Coffee with David) I had a tie on my random winner generator.  So I had a run off to discover the winner.  How do I run my random winner generator? My random winner generator is a huge 20 sided dice.  Every time you comment on any blogs the week of my giveaways, I give you 5 rolls of the die.  The person with the most points after five rolls is the winner.  Since I had a tie, I did a run off between the two and the the winner of An Advance reader's Edition of A Lonely Death by Charles Todd is . . . . our own T. W. Fendley!


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  1. Wow -- Thanks! This is a surprise. :) I've never won an ARC before. This will be a treat.