Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meet writer/artist Marilyn Brown at 6 North

Meet Marilyn D. Brown, local author and artist, from 10 a.m. to noon, Saturday, March 3, at 6 North Café.

6 North Café
14438 Clayton Road
Ballwin, MO 63011


After having been told in her thirties that big publishing houses wanted already published writers and in her sixties that they wanted new cutting-edge writers, at an age when people used to retire Marilyn Brown formed her own publishing company, setting a goal of bringing out a book a year for ten years; and, so far, White Canoe Productions has exceeded that goal.

Some say, “Wow, you just crank them out,” but she says forty years of writing is hardly cranking. Also a painter, she has seen quite a bit of her work run away; but some of it has found a permanent home on her book covers.

Now in her seventies, her preference in selecting work to publish ranges from her memoirs of a fulltime caregiver for her mother (told from both perspectives) to the questioning poetry and essays of an introspective mind, to light and humorous mysteries, even to a book of cartoons. Her own favorite, FINDING APRIL HOLLOW, can be described as metaphorical fantasy/realism for adults who work with children.

Don’t look for thrillers in her Nosemitt & Sniffle stories; look for quirky aging women who are logical and intuitive but whose outlook is unconventional. This author aims much, not all, of her fiction toward women of a mature age who aren’t looking for steamy romance (or even any at all) but who like a challenge to the mind and a chuckle or several along the way.


  1. I hope I can find time in my schedule tomorrow to come out. I need a 48-hour day! LOL

  2. I met Marilyn completely by accident Tuesday night after I attended an IL Divo concert in Seattle. I was using the hotel computer around midnight and she needed the computer. We spent the next 3 or so hours chatting. She is an incredible woman.