Sunday, July 1, 2012

Congrats to FADED TAPESTRY winner...

Congratulations to Carole McDonnell, winner of Christy Burkley's THE FADED TAPESTY: A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES. Please send your mailing address to
THE FADED TAPESTRY: From a mysterious, fading, historical tapestry to a fish that speaks to a confused, grief-stricken boy, author Christy Burkley offers eight wickedly comical tales of eccentrics and delightfully dysfunctional individuals that collide with the limits of reality.

To learn more about Christy, check out her interview on The Writers' Lens. 

Buy her books at:,, Parnassus book store in Nashville, Tenn., and Wood and Strings in Townsend, Tenn.

Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting on The Writers' Lens.

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